Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire
Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire
Reinhard Bonnke School of Fire

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wished someone would teach you how to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ?

You know the world is in desperate need of Jesus. Millions of people are dying daily without hope and without a Saviour.

Maybe you just don't know how to reach them?

If you can relate to this feeling, YOU'VE REACHED THE RIGHT PLACE.


These twenty hot lectures have not been written at some marble desk, but have been written on crusade platforms on the dusty fields of Africa... You will have a hot start into your own ministry. Reinhard Bonnke, Evangelist

For over 50 years Reinhard Bonnke preached the Gospel to people all over the globe. He held some of the largest evangelistic meetings in history with over 1.6 million people in a single meeting, and his ministry has seen over 79 million recorded decisions for Christ!

Why School of Fire®?

Learn from one of the greatest soul-winners of our generation. The School of Fire® course from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is a unique teaching tool that will ignite you to become an effective soul-winner and passionate fisher of men.


  • In-depth teaching about salvation and evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Proven principles of successful soul-winning.
  • Teaching and practical examples of how to engage in personal and corporate evangelism.
  • Practical instructions on how to deliver a message.
  • Test questions to accompany your personal growth.


School of Fire® is a self-paced course that has a flexible schedule that fits into your personal requirements.

Each student has access to a personal tutor and upon completion students receive a signed and dated certificate.

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Holy Spirit Evangelism will perpetuate itself as long as we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasize the baptism into the Holy Spirit.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Course Outline

The course is 20 lessons over 7 major subjects. A brief outline is shown below:

Basic Principles
God's Nature
The Flame of Love
The Power of Love
The Anointing
Practical Advice

Salvation as a Doctrine and Experience
The Fall of Humanity
Confidence in Life - Hope in Death
The Life of the Believer

The Biblical Foundation for Evangelism
The Attributes of God
Power for Evangelism
The Old Testament Provision for Sojourners
Models for Personal and Public Evangelism
The Church and Evangelism

Principles of Global Evangelism
Preaching Crusades
Pastoral / Church Follow-up and Discipleship
Preparing through Administration
The Commission - your Call

The Ministry of the Word
Examples of Sermon Outlines
Points of Access

Methods and Models of Discipleship and Follow-up
Personal Growth
The Body
Discipleship of new Believers

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

What others are saying

This course has been the most inspiring and practical course I have ever been a part of - Thank you.

B. K., Australia

This course has been so helpful for me to catch the Lord's vision for a mighty harvest.

M. St., USA

This course has been of huge blessing for my spiritual growth, thank you very much.

J. V., Honduras

I believe that this is testimony to what God has been showing me through the teaching of this course. I have been moving in a new dimension of faith that I haven't moved in before. God has been changing the way that I think about the preaching of the Gospel. AND He is backing it up with salvation, healing, and deliverance. God has used this course and it has changed me!

J. J., Great Britain

I was so excited to find a study such as this! I have grown so much in this course, and I have recommended it to a few of my friends. I was challenged and it wasn't some lesson I could "breeze" through, and I really appreciate it.

M. Sch., USA

The course taught me direction, principle, organization, how to set up a crusade or revival, above all how prayer and love overcome all, no matter where or what. It set my heart on fire. Reinhard’s instructions in the four books and the composition of the course are better than excellent. In summary: the course was an honor and challenge to take. Our Lord blessed me with this course and set me on a straight path. Completion of this course is one of the greatest honors of my life.

K. H., USA

I'm ready to start this course!

The School of Fire® is a global Christ for all Nations course administered by CfaN's Australian Office.

The course is AU$200.00 (the price may vary depending on the currency you are paying in).

For more information on registration and price for your region please click the 'Enrol Today' button below.

Once you have enrolled your personal tutor will be in touch to help you sign into the course and get started.

If you still have questions please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Or contact us directly via email on

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