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  • Tears of Joy – Mbeya, Tanzania – Day 1

    Tanzania - Mbeya - Day 1

    Dear Mission Partners,

    The first day of Gospel Campaign here in Mbeya, Tanzania has just come to an end. The journey into Mbeya was very long and exhausting. We are surrounded by wilderness and beautiful mountains as far as the eye can see. It feels like Jesus was talking about Mbeya when He said to go to the, “uttermost parts of the earth.”

    It is surprisingly cold here. In fact, this morning, when I arrived on the field, some of our European technicians were warming their hands over a toaster. Yet the field was full of pastors and church workers, many of whom had come out before the sun had risen, sitting in the freezing cold, waiting to hear the Word of God. The people here are hungry for God and full of faith for what He will do this week. It has already been worth every effort to get here.

    Tonight, after I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick we heard wonderful miracles. Among them was a blind woman woman and a woman deaf in her left ear.

    A man with a terrible disease in his feet had not been able to walk for a year. He had seen local doctors who said they did not understand the problem and could not help him. Tonight Jesus touched him and healed him. He wept tears of joy as he gave his testimony. Then we danced together on the platform.

    So many people came forward when I called for testimonies that it was chaos for a while. Many demons manifested as I prayed for the sick and many thousands received Jesus tonight.

    Please continue to pray for us. Our work here has just begun and I believe the best is yet to come!

    Yours in the Harvest,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • Churches Flooded – Mwanza, Tanzania – Final Night

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 2 Dear Mission Partners,

    Tonight was the final meeting of our campaign here in Mwanza, Tanzania. We heard reports from local pastors that their churches were flooded with new converts this morning. We are overjoyed at this report. It is always our goal that every evangelistic effort leads to the local churches. Tonight, I asked the crowd how many were attending the meeting for the first time. The majority of the crowd raised their hands. Many of them had come from other religions and had the opportunity to hear the Gospel for the first time tonight.

    After preaching the Gospel, I asked my friend and former apprentice, Evangelist Paul Maurer, to pray for the sick. He rebuked sickness and disease in the name of Jesus, calling out the name of various infirmities. Many wonderful miracles took place.

    A little girl who was deaf and mute heard and spoke, repeating after me “Jesu”, “Hallelujah.” She was so precious (have a look at the picture). Two women who had tumors said that they vanished after prayer. A woman, who had been running around naked and insane, was healed 20 years ago when Evangelist Bonnke prayed for her. She testified tonight that she instantly came to her right mind and she has been completely normal ever since. She even had several children since that miracle took place. Many other testimonies were given. I am sure that Mwanza will be full of testimonies, most of which I may never know, of the wonderful things Jesus did this week.

    Now we set our sights on Mbeya, Tanzania, where we will be in less than 6 weeks. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for another harvest here in East Africa. As soon as the decision card count is in I will report back to you.

    Yours in the Gospel, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 2
  • A Witch Doctor Delivered – Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 3

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 3


    Dear Mission Partners,

    This morning a witch doctor brought his ancestral idols to be burned. The local pastors prayed for him and he began to manifest demons. They cast the demons out of him and he has become a child of God! That was the way the day started. Before I preached in the service tonight, more idols were burned. Before my sermon was finished, even more had been brought! From morning until evening, the power of God has been moving here in Mwanza, Tanzania in a remarkable way.

    This morning, after Peter Vandenberg finished preaching in the Fire Conference, I was not even able to bring a message. The people were so hungry, it was like trying to hold back a bursting dam. I put the microphone down and the power of God began to flow, filling and baptizing many people in a wonderful way!

    Tonight, after I preached the Gospel and thousands responded, another mighty outpouring of the Spirit followed. When the Holy Spirit falls, not only do people speak in other tongues, but every kind of miracle is possible.

    A girl, whose body had been covered in terrible boils for the last three years was healed. She said that the worst sore was in her throat preventing her from swallowing. Last night, after the prayer, it disappeared and she is now pain free!

    Last night, we heard the testimony of a young woman who had been crippled and who was healed. She was brought by her aunt. But when I asked her questions, we discovered that she was also mute and could not speak. I prayed for her right there on the platform and she went home. Tonight, she was back with a new testimony. She began to speak for the first time!

    A woman with a very large tumor in her stomach, that prevented movement and was causing much pain, vanished tonight after prayer! There is no trace of that mass and the pain is gone!

    We also heard from a woman tonight who was dying of HIV when CfaN came to Mwanza 20 years ago. Reinhard Bonnke had a word of knowledge for her and cursed the disease. She felt the power of God come over her body and when she returned to the doctors she received the wonderful news – HIV Negative! Tonight, on the same field where she was healed 20 years ago, she told the story – a testament to the lasting quality of these miracles. Some people say that “faith healing” is simply a matter of emotion, manipulation or a placebo effect. But there is no denying a miracle like this that has stood the test of time.

    Jesus is alive and Mwanza is being shaken. Tomorrow is the final day of this Campaign. Please pray for us as we cast the nets once more tomorrow night. Africa is being saved!

    Yours in the Gospel, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 3
  • Curses Broken, Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 2

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 2


    Dear Mission Partners,

    We are rejoicing after another amazing meeting here in Mwanza, Tanzania. I was able to preach about the blood of Jesus and many thousands responded to the invitation. We burned witchcraft fetishes, charms, amulets and idols as they did in Acts 19:19. Curses were broken, demons were cast out and wonderful miracles took place which included a boy who had not walked in 10 years.

    Tomorrow, the Fire Conference will come to a climax as we pray for the pastors and church leaders to receive the Baptism into the Holy Spirit. Tomorrow night we will do the same in the huge open meeting. Please continue to pray for us. The best is yet to come!

    Yours in the Gospel, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    On behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

    Mwanza, Tanzania Day 2 Mwanza, Tanzania Day 2
  • Demons Manifesting – Mwanza, Tanzania – Day 1

    Mwanza Tanzania Day 1


    Dear Mission Partners,

    The first night of our Gospel Crusade here in Mwanza, Tanzania has just come to an end. We are meeting in the biggest open air field in the city, and yet it already seems too small – and this is only the beginning!

    Many thousands of souls were saved tonight along with wonderful miracles of healing. One lady told us that her fist sized tumor vanished during prayer. A man who was paralyzed for two years and that was carried to the meeting tonight, can now walk. A woman’s paralyzed arm and legs were totally healed…and more.

    Also, something notable happened: demons were manifesting throughout the meeting – from the time I started preaching until the end – much more than usual. One local bishop seemed disturbed by this, so Peter Vandenberg told him, “The demons make noise when they are coming out.” This comforted him.

    This morning, Rev. Peter Vandenberg and I preached in the Fire Conference which was well attended by pastors and church leaders. The Fire Conference will culminate on Saturday morning, and we are believing for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for continuing to pray for us. There’s more to come tomorrow.

    Yours in the Gospel, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda On Behalf of Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • 360 Degrees of Miracles! – Bouaké, Ivory Coast – Final Day



    Dear Mission Partners,

    No description would be adequate to convey the extent of what just happened a few minutes ago. First of all, the field was packed tonight with more than 210,000 people! That’s a third of the population of the whole city. When I asked how many were attending for the first time, it was the majority of the crowd. That means that literally most of the city heard the Gospel this week (with combined attendance)! Pastors told us that their churches were packed to overflowing this morning – so much so, they thought they would have to turn people away.

    The entire crusade has been amazing, but tonight went above and beyond. After I preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick, there was a moment of silence. Usually there is more excitement than that. I wondered for a second if anyone had been healed. Then, all of a sudden, it was as if something shifted. People started shouting, screaming and dancing. People were falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. Demons were manifesting. It was total chaos. Crutches were going up in the air. I heard them shouting from my right, my left, in front and behind – everywhere I looked something amazing was happening. It was 360 degrees of miracles!

    I interviewed two TOTALLY BLIND women who were healed (one of them muslim).

    Several cripples can now walk, including a man who was totally paralyzed on his left side – completely unable to move his left arm or leg. Tonight, he was literally marching on the platform.

    There was a baby who had been suffering with a terrible lung infection since November of 2014, but we heard that last night she was healed. Today, they took her to the hospital for a confirmation, and the doctors didn’t even believe she’d ever had anything wrong with her.

    A woman with kidney failure who had been on dialysis for three years was also healed last night, and she told us that she went to the doctor today and they confirmed that she is perfectly well!

    This is just a small sampling of the many amazing things Jesus has done here.

    As we prepare to leave Bouaké, I must confess that my heart is a bit heavy. You may have heard that we had to cancel the next crusade scheduled to take place in Burkina Faso due to lack of funds. When I think about all that has happened this week, it breaks my heart that we will miss the opportunity to see hundreds of thousands of souls saved next month. The following crusade is also not funded. We are trusting the Lord for a financial breakthrough to see it happen. There is still time to save it. If you are willing to help us you can make a donation through our website -

    Thank you so much for praying for us this week. Many thousands of lives have been impacted for eternity. I will come back to you with a decision card count as soon as it’s in.

    Yours in the Gospel,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • A Mighty Outpouring! – Bouaké, Ivory Coast – Day 3




    Dear Mission Partners,

    This morning our Fire Conference came to a conclusion as Peter Vandenberg and I ministered to about 10,000 delegates – pastors and leaders from the region. We prayed, as usual, for them to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It was glorious! I believe a spark of revival has been lit here in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, that will continue with the local Body of Christ long after we’ve gone.

    Tonight, we saw another significant increase in attendance. At this point I’m not sure how the field will accommodate the crowd tomorrow night! Have a look at the picture.

    After preaching the Gospel, praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and praying for the sick, the Lord was faithful to heal many sick people. Also, as is typical when the Holy Spirit falls, many demoniacs manifested and were ministered to. Several cripples were healed. A woman who had been deaf in one ear since birth was healed. A woman said a large, rock hard, growth in her stomach vanished. A paralyzed boy stood and walked…and many more.

    Tomorrow is the last night of this campaign. Please continue to pray for us.

    Yours in the Gospel,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • An Overwhelming Response – Bouaké, Ivory Coast – Day 2



    Dear Mission Partners,

    It was another huge day here in Bouaké, Ivory Coast. The crowd more than doubled tonight. I preached about the power in the blood of Jesus, and the response was overwhelming. So many people gave their lives to the Lord!

    There were also many wonderful miracles including: several cripples and paralytics that were healed, a mad man who came to his right mind, and a woman born deaf and mute who heard and spoke for the first time tonight! In fact, her left ear opened on the platform in front of the crowd. What an amazing night.

    Tomorrow, we will pray for the baptism into the Holy Spirit in both the Fire Conference in the morning, and the evangelistic meeting in the evening. Please continue to pray for us.

    Yours in the Gospel,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • Heaven is Rejoicing! - Boauké, Ivory Coast - Day 1



    Dear Mission Partners,

    The first night of our Gospel campaign here in Bouaké, Ivory Coast has just ended minutes ago. I am so amazed by the level of hunger and expectancy in this small place. As I preached, there was an overwhelming response from the people who were hanging on every word. I have already fallen in love with Bouaké and this is only the first day!

    After preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick, miracles broke out all over the field. The sound of rejoicing from the crowd grew so loud that I don’t think the people could hear me praying or talking anymore.

    The very first testimony was from a man who was paralyzed for seven years! His sister brought him to the meeting tonight by taxi, and he was sitting on the ground. As I prayed for the sick, he said he lifted his hand and it began to shake. He didn’t understand what was happening to him and suddenly he collapsed under the power of the Holy Spirit. Then he heard me say that he should get up and walk. He tried to move his leg and realized it felt very “light.” He tried the other leg and it was also moving. He stood to his feet and began to walk for the first time in seven years!

    We also heard from a lady who was healed after being unable to walk for the past four years, a woman who was paralyzed for five years, an elderly lady who was blind and also a woman who had not had menstruation for 10 years that started during the prayer!

    Not everyone healed tonight was Christian. That’s all I can say. But Jesus touched people of every religion indiscriminately. I’m sure there is great rejoicing in Heaven tonight.

    Thank you for praying. Please continue. The best is yet to come.

    Yours in the Gospel,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter Vandenberg and the whole CfaN team

  • 381,610 Registered Decision Cards - Tema, Ghana

    We’ve just received word from our team on the ground in Ghana where our most recent Gospel Crusade took place in the cities of Tema and Ashaiman. The decision cards have all been counted and I am thrilled to report that 381,610 people responded to the Gospel receiving Jesus Christ as Savior over the four days of meetings with over 710,000 attending. Praise the Lord! They have now been entered into the follow up system where local churches are actively working to disciple them. Thank you for your prayers and gifts that made this possible!

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