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  • Interrupted by a Witch Doctor - Lusaka, Zambia - Day 2



    Dear Mission Partners,

    You may notice from the pictures that we are in the parking lot of the national stadium here in Lusaka, Zambia. Someone asked me why we aren’t holding the crusade inside the stadium. It is because it seats less than 60,000. Tonight the crowd grew to 120,000! Needless to say, the pastors are on “cloud 9.” They’ve never seen meetings like these before.

    One pastor approached me after I preached tonight and said, “I realize that we have neglected the gift of the evangelist.” He told me that they’ve honored the bishops and apostles, but he said, “we need evangelists!” He believes God will use this crusade to raise up a new generation of evangelists and I agree with Him. In fact, tonight I asked an evangelist from South Africa, Tamryn Klintworth, to share for a few minutes before I brought the main message. She did wonderfully and I believe she has inspired many women that God will use them as great evangelists here in Zambia.

    Last night, I told the people that I would be preaching on the Blood of Jesus tonight and breaking the witchcraft curses. I encouraged the people to bring any idols, fetishes, charms, amulets or “juju”, especially talismans given to them by witchdoctors and we would burn them tonight. This is exactly what was done in Acts 19. Tonight, as I was preaching, a witchdoctor came with a big white bag full of paraphernalia. Right in the middle of my message he put that bag in the drums to be burned. It caused quite a stir in the crowd, but that is the kind of interruption I like.

    After preaching, breaking curses and praying for the sick, we heard amazing testimonies.

    A woman’s tumors vanished.

    A woman who had a painful infected growth on her face received prayer last night and by tonight it had dried up and disappeared.

    A girl who could not stretch her arm out was healed.

    A man who was crippled from a fall was healed.

    A woman, deaf for five years was healed (pictured).

    A woman who was carried to the meetings last night because she could not walk, could walk perfectly tonight!

    This is a sampling of what Jesus did tonight. Really, these testimonies are so wonderful I could write a whole report about each one. We are sending film crews to follow up on many of them and I will release them soon on social media.

    Tomorrow, the Fire Conference will conclude with an impartation service, as we lay hands on the delegates for the baptism into the Holy Spirit. Please continue to pray…we can really feel your prayers at work here.

    Yours in the Gospel,

    Evangelist Daniel Kolenda

    Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team

  • He was Eating Dirt! - Lusaka, Zambia - Day 1



    Dear Mission Partners,

    Tonight our Gospel Crusade in Lusaka, Zambia began and the dynamics here can only be described as awesome! Over 80,000 people were in attendance in the first meeting! The services are being broadcasted across the nation on Christian Voice Radio. I was invited to meet and pray with the first president of Zambia and founding father of the nation, Kenneth Kaunda. The press have shown great interest and there is an electricity in the air as the people have come full of faith and expectation that God will do something extraordinary here this week.

    This morning the Fire Conference began as Rev. Oliver Raper and I ministered to hundreds of Pastors and church workers. Tonight Evangelist Scott Lee opened the meeting, building the faith of the people and preparing their hearts for the Gospel. Then I preached a message of salvation, lifting up the name of Jesus and there was an overwhelming response.

    After the prayer of salvation and prayer for the sick we heard amazing miracle testimonies:

    A mad man who was sitting on the ground eating dirt suddenly came to his right mind as we were praying. When he came onto the platform he was still covered in dust from head to toe, but he began declaring the wonders of God with such enthusiasm, one Pastor on the platform said, “He’s preaching!” and the people were beside themselves with joy! It was like something right out of the New Testament.

    A 7-year-old little girl who had never heard or spoke was healed tonight. She was able to repeat after me, “one, two.” It was so precious.

    A man totally deaf in his right ear for three years received perfect hearing.

    A young lady who was paralyzed on her left side received complete healing. Her mother was weeping for joy as she saw what her daughter was able to do.

    A woman with a tumor in her stomach the size of a grapefruit said that it vanished during the prayer.

    A woman who had never smelled anything before said she could suddenly smell.

    These and many more miracles took place here in this first meeting. It is obvious that Jesus is at work here. I am sure we will see a huge increase in the attendance as the week goes on. I wonder if the field will be able to contain it!

    I’ve received messages that some of you are fasting and praying for us. The Lord is hearing and answering your prayers. Thank you for continuing to pray for us. We are standing shoulder to shoulder in this work.

    More to come…

    Yours in the Harvest, Evangelist Daniel Kolenda Together with Reinhard Bonnke, Peter van den Berg and the whole CfaN team

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