Upcoming Crusades

Keep up with Christ for all Nations' busy ministry calendar. Please pray for each event as we believe together for the incredible harvest of souls to continue to be brought in. Your prayers for these campaigns are greatly appreciated. We cannot do what we do without prayer.


 Bobo-Dioulasso, BURKINA FASO  1 December - 4 December 2016
 Tamale, GHANA  26 January - 29 January 2017
 23 March - 26 March 2017
 Harare, ZIMBABWE  22 June - 25 June 2017


*All campaigns are subject to change



Attend a Gospel Campaign

If you are interested in being part of a Christ for all Nations evangelistic campaign, you have to be at least 18 years old and be able to pay for your own travel expenses: airfare, hotel booking, transfers and meals. Contact us for more information by email to australia@cfan.org.au  or phone +61 7 5508 2914.


Travel Arrangements

Booking of flight tickets and hotel accommodation can be organised by Christ for all Nations in a group booking. It is not wise to book a low fare ticket that is neither refundable nor changeable. We do experience last minute changes sometimes and in that case you might lose the whole ticket. If you like your booking to be arranged by CfaN you need to supply a copy of your passport together with the registration form.

We would recommend that you are booked into the same hotels as our team. With your security in mind, staying in other hotels is not recommended, and any other accommodation (youth hostels, local families etc) is totally impossible. All local transportation (including airport runs and domestic flights) will be handled by our local office. Payments for these arrangements need to be made on location in cash.

You should be prepared to face extremely modest and simple accommodations. Hotels in Africa are usually not comparable to anything we know and may not meet the hygienic standards we are used to. Running water and electricity may not be available at all times.


Christ for all Nations takes no responsibility for personal loss or any inconvenience to visitors which may result from the sometimes sensitive situations in those countries we minister in. All of our campaigns and venues are subject to change and, should the political situation require this, the event can be cancelled on location. In this case, Christ for all Nations will not reimburse any ticket fees that might arise due to changes or cancellations. We highly recommend medical travel insurance as Christ for all Nations will not reimburse any costs for medical services.